lundi 6 octobre 2014

Words of Crow

In intelligent life unknown in the shape of a black crow, I instruct the destruction of the vision engine to zero. To zero, "the disappearance of the world was Motoi is due to runaway visions energy, those" that exist in the end the "beginning can play the original world by destroying the vision engine of this world", says her and bestowed the power to manifest a bow and arrow to strengthen alone, to indicate the destruction of the vision engine. It prohibits a basic contact with others to zero, to give pain in coat of arms engraved on the neck when you beat it. Eyes illuminate red when using the force.

I have destroyed a number which is determined disqualified bid the spokesman of "those present in the Between the beginning and the end", with a test in a variety of the world of the stars are. In feigned politeness while polite tone, you are ready also cold with which you look down cold for the example usually. Nature in personality arrogant and brutal, remarks such as if wants a disqualification of the end-to-end test of the words, even while saying that's test is seen. It is hugging "himself is God" and ambition, it is thought that it is not looked down on a lower organisms to humans, should have the power, such as the vision engine.

Exist that appear to live in the world of higher order than the universe, to have the intelligence that was far beyond the human. Only sometimes stupid name even not known entity, only "crow" was expressed as such as "the presence of the absolute" and "those present in the Between the beginning and end" in a conversation, all is in mystery has been wrapped. Sometimes very rarely, and forms an image visible, such as the Mobius strip that floats in the air, but it is unclear if this is a figure of the actual.

Are holding a fear that the species immature to hand could also destroy the possibility the rest of the world not only the whole world in how to use as soon as "vision energy", is (to be precise, the world of Akane our humanity to determine human) of whether sufficient it is possible for some kind of trial. To give a warning of invasion alone to Kenjiro seven years ago, then, was sent alone, crow, a black cavalry Rei, etc. actually.

According to words of crow (11 episodes), if you or kill the spirits of the same person for or lacked the strength of only protect from invasion visions engine, then the Defending, and had planned to some sanctions enforcement as failure is like. However, (herself plays the role of guide beacon for the Alone, alone continue to onslaught as long as Rei is present) secret of Rei not chosen the road to take the life even know, Akane us and Kenjiro is Alone select the road to seal technically only onslaught. Trial becomes a real pass on, the world was saved. It should be noted that, even for black sitting Rei chose harmony with Akane us than (the act of trying to protect their world by killing the same person =) destruction of the vision engine in the final battle, it was the selection of the same quality and Akane us or admitted, and you have restored the home world by Kikitodoke wishes. It is also a ruthless true character does not know, but it seems that the presence rather than evil, with the fairness of certain.

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